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Recent Customer Testimonials

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  • 05/21/2018

    As a previous employee, now a full time customer and local law enforcement, I would truly recommend this store to anyone. I refuse to go anywhere else, they are professional, clean cut and very knowledgeable. Great crew.

    -- Joe Greenwell

  • 05/21/2018

    The only shop I allow to touch my car. They are very friendly up front in customer service, very respectable and bend over backwards for my repeated service, they also have very high quality technicians in the shop, who have always helped me keep my vehicles running right. They have helped my every need, from tires to aftermarket wheels, to struts and shocks to coilovers and everything between. They have done my clutch replacement and every single oil change. These guys are simply put in one word. Amazing. Thanks to this staff.

    -- Joshua Watts

  • 05/21/2018

    Absolutely great guys, Trevor and Byron, I don't know the name of my mechanic but they did an awesome job at a VERY REASONABLE price, I will be going back, and I wouldn't hesitate to refer my mother here.

    -- rope burn

  • 05/20/2018

    Just had the run around all over town to get work done on my car and Eric Hatter was the first person to say no problem. Got me in and out even with the workload in front of him. Service was fast and quick, pricing was straight forward and I did not feel that I was being lied to like the other places I visited today. Completely recommend just saving your time and money and just visiting Eric and his crew

    -- Sharon Shoemaker

  • 05/18/2018

    I've heard people say alot of bad things but I have NEVER had a bad experience. I've taken multiple vehicles to multiple locations around Lexington and everyone is great. Thank you

    -- COY

  • 05/18/2018

    After initially having a poor experience at this location, I am reassured of the good nature and good faith of the management of Ken Towery at the Hustonville road location. My wife and I have had several successful repairs/ oil changes done at Ken Towery's in the past, but I was left very disappointed and angry after the management attempted to scam me in Mid April of 2018. Although it wasn't a lot of money, the scam represented the blatant disregard for the truth and bold faced dishonesty of the management here. I was shocked and appalled at the lack of principle or ethical considerations that this manager had. It was as though this manager considered others to be stupid disposable ants that he could intimidate, lie to or bully into submission. Truly the most vile and disgusting type of individual on the planet (literally worse than the crud that accumulates in the inside of your working boots after a long day moving hay on the farm). For an analogy, imagine that your doctor lied to you and told you that you had some terrible disease, say necrotizing fasciitis. He then started to advertise expensive medicines to you and claimed that it was necessary to save your life. This diagnosis frightens you, and because you haven't had the time or leisure to spend years studying medicine, you decide take the doctor's advice. After all, you don't know any better and you rely on the good faith of experts. Imagine the fear this diagnosis would invoke in your family, and imagine the pain you would feel as you considered what budget cuts you would have to make to get by. Now, how angry would you be if you learned that this doctor just wanted to make some money off of your medication, and that you, in reality, were perfectly healthy. This is what lying does. This is the type of senseless pain, discomfort, and suffering that lying can cause, no matter how big or has small. This type of scamming is simply criminal. If a doctor does it, he/she should be arrested. If a mechanic does it, he/she should be arrested. Personally, as someone that studies medicine, I am not an expert on cars. I rely on the experts to tell me the truth. I feel very betrayed and upset when I realize that they are taking advantage of me, and they would be just as angry if I took advantage of them in the medical field. Come on, guys. We need to be better than that. If Ken Towery's is struggling to make it, then lying is not going to help make pay role. That is only going to piss people off, turn customers away, and ruin people's faith in the entire industry. Honesty, compassion, humility, and an excellent knowledge of cars is the thing that will make you wealthy, not deceitful arrogant nonsense. Finally, since this incident, I have contacted the management of Ken Towery's. The new manager was brave enough to offer an apology, admit the guilty actions, and promise better behavior in the future. This is the type of person that will be successful in the industry. This new manager made me aware of the numerous scams and lies being sold by the the previous management, and promised a revival of truthful business practices. Also, the previous manager has been fired, so there is a good chance that you can get honest work done at Ken Towery's now. I will be happy to give Ken Towery's another try in the future. You can't hold the entire location location culpable for the corrupt actions of one man. I am confident that many of the individuals who work here are good people, and that the managerial change will make a big difference. Good luck guys!

    -- Ben's Johnson

  • 05/17/2018

    Excellent service. Galen was very helpful and provided me with great and superior service. I love those guys over there. They always have a smile on their faces!!

    -- Justin Coomer

  • 05/17/2018

    I went to Ken Towry’s on Pleasant Ridge to have my tire checked for an air leak. William found a screw in my tire and took care of it immediately. I received excellent customer service and highly recommend customers to go see William Lynch!

    -- Kim Wilkins

  • 05/17/2018

    Will was very helpful and knowledgeable in informing me about a specific bulb I needed for my headlight, as it was not a “normal” one as I first thought. He was also quick to get me in and change the bulb. While waiting he was also very nice to my daughter- getting her a balloon in the color she wanted! Will was very polite and my experience was great! Will definitely come back again!

    -- Lana Russell

  • 05/17/2018

    I was very pleased with the price and service. They were upfront and honest, didn't push to get me to "repair" 10 other things like other places have done to me. I will most definitely be back for any future brake work. Thanks

    -- John Davis

  • 05/16/2018

    I have always gone to get my car check ups at the Winchester Rd location, but this time I decided to go to the Boston Rd location, and while they were very nice, my car left having more issues than what it came there with. I went in for a routine oil change and when I left I had a bunch of lights left on my dashboard and a noise that was not something I heard before. I immediately returned and explained the issues and they fixed it right away, while they were fixing the issues, they proceeded to fill up my tires because they forgot too. I left without any "update of my tires, brakes, etc" that you normally get and I was feeling uneasy about everything so I made an appointment with Winchester rd to bring my car in to have it checked. I believe I talked to "Willy" and explained the whole situation. He told me to bring it in right away and he personally would take a look at it. I got there the next day and he told me that brakes were on its whits end and if he was driving the car, it would be parked in the garage until the brakes were replaced because they were that bad. I got my brakes replaced and I haven't had any issues since. The lower scores were for the Boston Rd location. They were very nice, but nice doesn't keep me safe on the road.

    -- PERFECT

  • 05/16/2018

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Robert, and the others at Ken Towery’s, 1000 Hustonville Road, Danville, KY location. They were amazing! Had to coordinate from Minnesota to Kentucky, and they made it such an easy process. Very helpful, and honest....a place I can trust! Thanks to all, I really appreciate it!

    -- Kris Hodgson Hanisch

  • 05/16/2018

    Fair prices and great service. Negative reviews?? Have you been to any other shop in town? This place is awesome and the manager is friendly and easy to deal with.

    -- Joel Stevens

  • 05/15/2018

    Hello. Every single time I come in to this store I am greeted with a friendly welcome and a smile. I don’t know anything about cars or how they work so it can be intimidating to come into a car shop. But everyone here is quick to assist you and explain what is needing to be done to your car, and best of all they want to help you the best way they can. They are super quick and get you car seen right away and limit your waiting time as much as possible which is very considerate and appreciated! I will always be a Kentowery customer!

    -- Gabby bowie

  • 05/15/2018

    Greg and his staff was so helpful when I brought my car in and determining what was wrong with it. First of all they were very friendly and they kept me informed throughout the process. They offered to visually show me some of the issues in addition to just communicating them. I felt I was in good hands the whole way through this process. I would recommend taking your car there, I felt so good when leaving, knowing I didn’t get just standard “good service “ but instead the type that goes above and beyond and that was my privlage. “ thanks guys” !!!!!!!

    -- Karen Cooper

Recent Customer Tire Reviews

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  • 07/04/2017 - Kelly - Edge A/S

    1st 1000 miles. Handle well and grip the road in wet weather. Surprisingly love the sidewall look. Lightweight tire for a 17" size. Meaty tread should do well in the snow this winter.

  • 06/23/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    I have had these on my Buick Lucerne. I drive very hard and these tires handle well especially in rain and provide a soft ride. I just bought another set after going back to recompare all brands. I couldn't find a better tire for the money.

  • 06/19/2017 - Yokohama - AVID Touring-S

    Awesome tires! Only brand that sticks to the Kentucky roads when it rains.

  • 06/18/2017 - Goodyear - Assurance All Season

    So far so good. Great wet traction!

  • 06/16/2017 - Economy - All Season

    The tires are a great value for the money. They hold traction well and the road noise is minimal. Would def purchase again.

  • 06/16/2017 - Goodyear - Assurance Fuel Max

    This is my second set of these tires, I really like them. They have great traction, gets me through Pennsylvania winters and rain storms. Not noisy, seem to be wearing even. Comfortable ride. Had one set on a civic and now on my elantra. Got them to order them because these were what I wanted to go with again.

  • 06/14/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    I switched from Avid Ascends to these on a Toyota Sienna after sliding out and spinning anytime the road was damp. These are fantastic tires for a great price.

  • 06/05/2017 - Yokohama - Tornante

    The Tornante has quiet ride, it’s great in the rain, and very good in the snow. These tires are on my Honda Pilot with 4 wheel drive. These tires inspire confidence when riding in less than satisfactory conditions. Little or no tread ware in the 8 months that I have owned them, highly recommended!

  • 05/18/2017 - Goodyear - Eagle LS-2

    Good value on original equipment tires. Love doing business with tire barn

  • 05/18/2017 - Economy - All Season

    Love my tires, I feel so safe on the road. I got the entire set for a great price. I have an old car, so I was not looking to spend too much on tires. These were perfect!

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