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Brake Services

If your automotive vehicle or truck has clocked in over 20,000 miles, it might be time to think about getting your brakes inspected. Over time, brake pads wear down, often causing the worrisome squeaking noise seasoned drivers know all too well. 

Ken Towery's: We're Your Brake Service Experts

At Ken Towery’s, we offer our customers FREE brake inspection services, providing you with a written estimate of any recommended maintenance or repairs. And with our Brakes Forever® program, we can replace your brake pads or brake shoes on your owned vehicle for FREE with a lifetime warranty on all disc pads and shoes. We have over 50 years of history in backing warranties -- your brakes may wear out, but our warranty never will. As long as you pay for labor, we’ll give you a break on the rest*.

Receive Your FREE Brake Inspection & Estimate Today!

Our technicians follow MAP standards for auto repair service on all makes or models, with a 30-day best price guarantee. To learn more about our Brakes Forever® program or to get started, contact us today or request your FREE brake service appointment. At your convenience, we are open seven days a week, including weeknights and most holidays.

Brake Service FAQ

When should should I get my brakes inspected?

A good time to inspect your brakes is when the wheels are off for a tire rotation. We recommend that you rotate your tires and check your brakes at least every 5,000-7,500 miles. This coincides with the oil change intervals for some vehicles. Consult your owner's manual and tire warranty for additional guidance. When your wheels are off for the tire rotation, it’s much easier for our technicians to inspect your vehicle’s brake pads and rotors.*

What will happen during a brake check?

Our brake check includes a thorough examination of all brake system components, including the pedal, cylinders, lines, brake fluid, and calipers, and a thickness and condition evaluation of your pads and rotors.

Why is it important to receive regular brake inspections?

First and foremost, safety is the priority. When you have warped rotors or worn brake pads, it’s difficult to stop quickly. Secondly, regular maintenance (especially when inspection is free) saves you money in the long run. It’s less expensive to replace brake pads than damaged rotors.

What are the warning signs of damaged or worn in brake pads?

A low brake fluid level can indicate excessive brake pad wear. “Topping off” only covers up the problem.


To get started, contact us today or request your FREE brake service appointment


Ken Towery's FREE Brake Inspection + Brakes Forever Starting at $109 (per axle set)


*You get a lifetime warranty on disc pads and shoes. If needed, we’ll replace them for free, as long as you own your vehicle. All you pay for is labor. Ceramic pads extra. See store for complete details. Most vehicles. Not valid with other offers. Additional charges may apply. A 9.99% charge will be added to the retail list price of all service work, not on tires, not to exceed $39 and represents costs and profits (does not apply in NY).
** Some brake systems use drums and shoes.
ASE National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. MAP Motorist Assurance Program.


Ken Towery's: Your Nearby Oil Change Pros

Here at Ken Towery’s, we want you to get the most out of your oil change service. 
    • Our Oil Change Plus service includes a FREE 4-tire rotation, brake inspection, and tire pressure check.**
    • Our expert technicians will select the best motor oil for your vehicle’s type, age and expected driving conditions.
    • Same day appointments are available. Seven days a week including evenings, weekends and holidays.

Request your oil change appointment today!

Your Car & Oil Changes: The Facts 

For optimal performance and maximal engine life, the experts at Ken Towery's recommend the following: 

  • Follow your vehicle’s maintenance schedule, as well as the instructions in your owner’s manual. Take a look at the maximum number of miles or months that your manufacturer recommends between oil changes and follow this maintenance schedule routinely.
  • Use your vehicle’s oil monitoring system as a guideline.
  • If your vehicle has over 75,000 miles, our experts recommend switching to motor oil formulated to condition aging engine seals. 
  • For majority of vehicles, especially newer cars and trucks, synthetic and synthetic mineral blend oils are ideal for all driving conditions, including stop-and-go driving, frequent car trips, and towing.

Visit our Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil page to see a quick video on making the right oil choice and print Synthetic Oil Change coupons.

​Learn about Conventional vs. Synthetic Oil


*, the official U.S. government source for fuel economy information.
**Includes up to five (5) quarts of conventional oil, chassis lube (where applicable) and vehicle inspection. Free tire rotation has no cash value. An additional $2.90 filter and waste recycling fee applies (does not apply in NY). Additional charges may apply. A 9.99% charge will be added to the retail list price of all service work, not on tires, not to exceed $39 and represents costs and profits (does not apply in NY). See store for complete details.

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